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February 2017

Having made an Elderflower Wine and Presse at home we knew we had created something exceptional and tantalising, we finally had enough courage to take the plunge, attempt to make commercially viable products and bring them to market! In June 2016 we started brewing our finalised recipe, and at that point we felt we had been on a rollercoaster. Researching, developing and compliance were big areas for us to get our head around as a start up business, but we got there..and now we are so excited that we are finally able to share our Wine and Presse with you!

With our recipe finalised, our wine brewed, our riddling rack made and our wine all racked or resting on the lees, Witham Wines is (almost!) ready for business

Bring on 2017!

Who would have thought that such a little flower, so popular in the UK for a refreshing drink had such trivia attached to it…

  1. The Elder tree is said to be steeped in mystery, superstition and folklore, however, Charlie, I and Harry Potter have a lot in common, we all think the Elder Tree is the most powerful tree around!
  2. It’s a wildflower that grows naturally in the hedgerows around the countryside in the UK, it has the most beautiful white blooms filled with thousands of tiny white flowers.
  3. The flowers bloom for a very short time in June, it fills the countryside and you can’t go anywhere without seeing or smelling it!
  4. As it has such a short harvest there is only one time of the year we can harvest elderflowers to make our products!
  5. Elderflower Wine or as it’s commonly known elderflower champagne has been made in the UK for hundreds of years.
  6. It’s actually poisonous…but dont worry! We make sure that our Elderflower Wine and Presse is perfectly safe to drink!

We pick our elderflower from natural sources that are free from any contamination from pollution or chemicals from farming

Branding, Branding, Branding! Creativity, Sketching and Colour!

As we started our journey we got bogged down in the compliance and administration related to starting a new business. BUT then we got the go ahead from our testing company and HMRC and this meant one thing….we could sell our Wine and Presse!

Enter University of Lincoln, Santander and a host of Graphic Design Students!

In Partnership with Lincoln and Santander we put out an advert for a graphic design student to support us with branding the company, they work for us, Santander pays them, and they get to enhance their CV, and portfolio for their final exams. Everyone’s a winner!

Watch this space for the final designs…

This project has received support from the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire which, itself, has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020


European Regional Development Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Sometimes I think we are crazy for setting up a business in such uncertain times especially as we have achieved a lot in our lives. We have a comfortable life, we both have full on jobs and 2 amazing young children so have to ask ourselves why we are doing this?

The main reason we are risking everything to set up a business is because we truly believe we have something exceptional and a great product that people will want to drink again and again.

The dream of one day working for ourselves and becoming masters of our own destiny with not having to report to anyone is what is driving us to succeed. We would like to be around for school drop off and pick up, spend the school holidays with our children and not worry about annual leave or holiday clubs.

So far it has been harder, more complicated and more expensive than we could have ever imagined but we are so excited to see where this could end up…for better or worse?!?!