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Doddington hall farm shop

Grimsthorpe castleAs I stood in the torrential rain yesterday at Burghley Fine Food Fair, I had my fingers and toes crossed for a good day, and it WAS! We have REGULARS, fully fledged regulars! I had several people come up who had bought our products previously and wanted more, and a couple of people who came because we had posted we were there and wanted to grab themselves some quality wine! Running our own business keeps surprising me, and yesterday in the awful weather, having people come out of their warm and cosy houses to see us has to be a highlight of our journey so far, THANK YOU to each and everyone of you beautiful people, you are making the long nights worth it!

And its not just customers, our independant retailers are coming back for more too! Only 4 months into having our Wholsesalers Licence we have established relationships and the feedback we are getting in incredible.

When Charlie and I started this process, a wise businessperson ( sadly I cannot remember their name as I was in a breastfeeding/ sleepless nights haze!) said ” You will get unwaivered support from the most unlikely of places” and 16 months down the line, this phrase is becoming more and more relevant to our journey.

To all of our supporters out there, we cannot thank you enough.