29th April 2017 will always stick in my mind as the day we launched our business to the world! Waking up on the morning of the Melton Cheese Fair 2017 there was a buzz of excitement as we readied ourselves for departure, cash tin sorted, wine loaded and breakfast to keep us going all day…we hoped we would be too busy to eat! And we were right! Passing the paper bag to our first ever customer within 20 minutes of the Fair opening I had feelings I never expected; the sense of pride in handing over something my Husband had worked so hard to achieve, the relief at someone liking it so much they wanted share it with their family, and the euphoria at selling our own product. Hugh was our first customer of the day, and Mitch our last, as I asked them their names and told them the significance of the question they were kind, inquisitive and hugely complimentary, wishing us every luck for the future.

Sandwiched between the Kedar Cheese Company and the Marlow Cheese Company, Charlie and I had the best first Fair we could have imagined, the camaraderie and banter between stalls was second to none, and at the end each of us all sampling the others products, we even took our bar stools round the front and had other traders prop up our bar!

Reflecting on the weekend it was busy, chaotic and the hardest I have ever worked in my life, but worth every moment of the last 16 months!

Witham Wines is finally open for business!!!

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