2018 Sparkling Elderflower Wine


12%abv 750ml

A light and refreshing British Made Wine, our Sparkling Elderflower has been lovingly developed using Lincolshire Elderflowers and Swithland Spring Water, blended with a specially selected Grapes. Our wine is a light, refreshing, dry Wine that leaves a clean crisp taste.

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12% abv

Our Sparkling Elderflower Wine is made using hand picked elderflower heads from our local Lincolnshire hedgerows. Infused with Swithland Spring Water and blended with specially selected grapes, its sparkle comes from using the traditional champagne method; creating a truly unique Sparkling Wine that is light and refreshing with gentle floral aftertastes. As we only make small batches of this wine, each bottle is individually marked with the batch and bottle number and signed by our winemaker, as a sign of confidence.

  • Veegan
  • Gluten Free

Tasting Notes From Jess Lamb

“A well- balanced, light and refreshing blend of white grapes 
infused with handpicked Elderflowers from Lincolnshire, 
the Elderflower notes rest alongside blossom and peach aromas. 
A British Made Wine handcrafted using the Traditional Method”



Our wine pairs perfectly with meaty fish and spicy food ( surprised I know.. we were too!) as well as any British Summer Fruits- the perfect picnic acompinment!

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